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Israels attack on humanitarian ships in International waters!
May 31, 2010, 9:14 am
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31st May 2010.

A Call for Action.

Dear friends,

I am an Irish citizen presently residing in Bethlehem, the West Bank, the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Presently, I am sitting in my office of the Joint Advocacy Initiative in Bethlehem where we are following reports of the unlawful attack by the Israeli military on the flotilla ships sailing to Gaza with 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza. Because of the blockade imposed by Israel since June 2007 on the 1.5 million people living in Gaza, the situation has turned into a severe humanitarian crisis. The Israeli army in the last few hours attacked and is still attacking the humanitarian ships in International Waters. The ships are holding hundreds of international humanitarian activists and European parliament members, directing to Gaza with food and medicine.

Reports coming in are explaining the situation of the passengers on the fleet of ships. There are, up to now, reports that 16-20 civilians have been killed and 50-60 injured, but these figures are expected to rise. The ship sailing from Ireland ‘MV Rachel Corrie’ is packed with 900 tonnes of aid including cement for re-building homes and schools; paper for use in schools and basic drugs for hospitals, however as of yet there are no reports of this ship. Both Palestinians and Internationals here are holding a demonstration today at two o’clock from the Nativity Square in Bethlehem in protest of the illegal raid of the flotilla and the unnecessary and unlawful murder of over 20 civilians.

I am calling all of you to take immediate action against this massacre by Israel whom are perpetrators of a racist, discriminate and apartheid regime against the Palestinian people. I am a witness to this.

My Palestinian and International friends here strongly condemn this massacre against unarmed civilians, which clearly violates international law and human rights and we urgently call for all individuals and humanitarian supporters worldwide to take immediate actions! Please join in local demonstrations wherever you are. You can also organize your own demonstration or join planned ones in front of the Israeli embassies, or diplomatic mission in your country, or in front of your governmental buildings to express condemnation, and demand serious actions and positions, including condemning this crime and lifting the siege imposed on Gaza.

You are needed to protect global humanitarian values and freedom in the world.

Go raibh maith agat a chairde agus Inshallah you will do what you can to support the Palestinians in their struggle.

Best regards,


PLease watch one of the most up to date videos here.

If you would like more information on the situation here, please reply to my email and I can forward my contact details to you. Please support this call.


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Holy Shit Ciara. Please keep me updated man. That is fecking awful.

Comment by Heather Steacy

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