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Nakba Day, Al Masara, 2010
May 17, 2010, 11:04 am
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Today the demonstration was different than other weeks. We marched towards the Wall and the lands isolated behind the Apartheid Wall. There was little confrontation with the Israeli soldiers as todays participants rallied for a cultural festival. Three tents were set up as a symbol for the thousands of tents the Palestinian refugees who were forced to live in after they had been driven out of their homes in 1948. These tents were a symbolic representation of the Palestinian’s right of return. There are currently seven million Palestinian refugees around the world.

The cultural festival was organized in commemoration of the Nakba (the catastrophe of 1948), the day upon which Palestinians throughout the world commemorate the violent dispossession of Palestinians from their lands and home, which resulted in the establishment of the State of Israel. The festival was organised to revive Palestinian cultural heritage in the face of a 62 year occupation that has not only dispossessed the Palestinian people from their land but has had a marked impact on the ability of Palestinians to continue to practice their Arab heritage and traditions. The following are some photos that I took at Al Masara in Bethlehem on 14th May 2010 in commemoration of Nakba Day.

Program of events for commemoration of Nakba in Al Masara
Organisers of Nakba event espressing their rights to hold an event to commemorate the Nakba to Israeli soldiers
Three tents were erected to exhibit photos relating to the events throughout the years advocating for the rights of 7 million refugees to return to Palestine
A photo of a refugee collecting water in the camps in 1993
Photos of other displaced peoples in their own land.
Empty streets waiting for those to finish morning prayer.
Clothes drying on a warm summers day.
Beginning of peaceful demonstation on 14th May in Al Masara
More demonstrators gathering
More demonstrators
Getting a good view from a rooftop
Crowds gathering
Local youth enjoying events to commemorate Nakba and to celebrate Palestinian culture and traditions
Local musicians
Reem Al Banna, a famous Palestinian musician
The Dakba, the traditional Palestinian dance
Reem Al Banna, if you click on link Nakba in the Brief History section, you can hear her on the third video.
Local children participating in event

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