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Brief description of Demonstrations
May 12, 2010, 10:39 am
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So, after watching this u tube clip,  I feel it provides very clear evidence that the Palestinians are not the perpetrators of violence, but the Israeli military are. You will notice how the soldiers did not let the protest proceed peacefully and immediately attacked it with tear gas which prompted stone throwing and escalation. I have been at several demonstrations in Bethlehem where protests are organised and carried out every Friday and it has been every experience where the Israeli soldiers prompted stone throwing. These demonstrations involve peaceful protests and are attended by both internationals from around the world, Palestinian women and men and families and Israeli activists who do not agree with the occupation of Palestine and more importantly all of whom are unarmed which the International media also fails to portray. The demonstrations I have attended have been against the occupation, against the wall, against the uprooting of olive trees, against the building of apartheid roads which only Israelis are allowed to use,  against the ongoing building of settlements on Palestinian land  all of which involve the illegal confiscation of Palestinian land which is also known as land grabbing. Under International law, all of these activities are illegal, however Israel are experiencing impunity on all fronts and the International Community are turning a blind eye to what is happening here. My time here has proved to me the blatant racism, discrimination and suffering that the Palestinian people experience every day from the moment they wake up by the illegal Israeli occupation.

Notice in the utube clip, the weaponry used by the Israelis to disperse the peaceful protest. They use high projectile tear gas canisters fired from guns indiscriminately, rubber bullets, smoke bombs, pepper spray, batons and sticks to beat people with and other experimental crowd dispersal weapons and methods to disperse peaceful crowds who come every Friday to the various villages in order to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people. Please notice that not one stone was thrown by the Palestinians which proves there is no need to project tear gas at a peaceful crowd, however this is never portrayed by the international media. Please send any comments you have.


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